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Compilation of my favorite resources

Note: All the links mentioned here point to reliable open-access/free websites like IA, Gutenberg, Youtube etc.

Favorite books on Life

Marcus Aurelius. (Unknown ~ 14 C.E.). MeditationsGuten

Bertrand Russell. (1912). The Problems of PhilosophyGuten

Arnold Bennett. (1908). How to live on 24 Hours a DayGuten

Bertrand Russell. (1930). The Conquest of HappinessWayback

Epictetus. (Unknown). The EnchiridionGuten

Seneca "The Younger". (Unknown). Letters from a Stoic

Rene Descartes. (1644). Selections from the principles of philosophyGuten

Arthur Schopenhauer. (Unknown). Studies in pessimismGuten

Albert Camus. (1942). The Myth of SisyphusWayback

Jorge Luis Borges. (~1940s). Selected Non-Fictions

Leo Tolstoy. (1886). The death of Ivan Illych

Fodor Dostoyevsky. (1880). The Brothers KaramazovGuten

Friedrich Nietzsche. (1881). Thus Spoke ZarathustraGuten

Fodor Dostoyevsky. (1869). The IdiotGuten

Fodor Dostoyevsky. (1864). Notes from the UndergroundGuten

Robert Pirsig. (1974). Zen and the Art of Motorcycle MaintenanceWayback

Chistopher Alexander. (1979). The timeless way of buildingWayback

Edwin Abott. (1884). Flatlands: A Romance of Many DimensionsGuten

Nassim Nicholas Taleb. (2012). Antifragile

Favorite Talks

Richard Hamming. (1986). You and Your Research

Samuel Scudder. (1874). Look at your fish

Richard Hamming. (1995). Learning to learn

Charlie Munger. (1995). The Psychology of Human Misjudgement

Bret Victor. (2012). Inventing on principle.

David Foster Wallace. (2005). This is water

Charlie Munger. (2007). USC Commencement Speech

Learning Resources

Ron Pressler. (20-Jan-2018). A concise history of computation

An extremely well-written account of computational logic history; includes Aristotle to Leibniz to McCarthy. Source: Prathyush Pramod.

Akiyoshi Kitaoka. (Psychologist). Akiyoshi Kitaoka’s Illusions

One of the best resource on UX analysis based on the working of infotemporal cortex. Source: Akiyoshi Kitaka.

Jules Hedges. (2020). Compositional Game Theory

Professor Macauley. (2017). Visual group theory

Based on the book by Nathan Carter. Source: Random Youtube Browsing

Interesting Lectures

David Deutsche. (2017). Why are flowers beautiful?

David Deutsch on Objectivity of aesthetics over the prevalent notion of subjective aesthetics.

Rupert Sheldrake. (2013). The Science Delusion

The flaws of science as a religion

Russell Ackoff. (1993). Russell Ackoff From Mechanistic Thinking to Systemic Thinking

Michael Surgrue. (1994). Best lecture on Marcus Aurelius's by Prof Michael Surgrue