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Causal Inference — A Guide to Causality

This is a series of 5 posts starting from basics to intermediate concepts in causality:

  1. Getting started with causalityGetting started with causality
    Most of us are well aware of the phrase "correlation is not causation" but only few of us are capable of seeing past our biases. In order to spot the biases, the bias detection engine in our brains will have to be trained to spot them. We must develop the ability to discern the difference between causation and correlation. It is not easy, the dynamics of the system do not allow for such a provision without going through the hard route of training oneself to peruse every piece of information w...

  2. Potential outcomes, Counterfactuals, and their Links

  3. DAGs and Causality

  4. ATE, Matching, and Propensity Scores

  5. Inverse Probability of Treatment Weightage, Estimators, Instrumental Variable Methods