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Retrospective analysis never takes into account causal branches seriously

Although people entertain counter-factuals, most of them do not take it seriously enough to explore the possibility of causal branches leading to the exact same state they are in. When people talk about what would they do differently if given a chance to go back and change one thing from the past that they regret, most of them give an answer that is cursory or trajectory changing in nature; or in somecases a no-op citing reasons such as their current experience, ability, and wisdom being the byproduct of this causal train they travelled on, not realizing that multiple causal branches can lead to the same state without the same set of experiences. (Note: FWIW, I too am not sure of this, but this is route that is less explored.)

Despite the above three options seeming like the only plausible options, the thing to keep in mind is that there are alternate possible causal branches that can lead to the same place in the future. For eg, A recovering acoholic citing the experience of having gone through the experience of drinking and seeing its peril can reach the same position through religious indoctrination or something similarly radical. Although it may not work out for everyone, it is to be remembered that the branches can in fact cross paths like klien bottle leading to an unintented merging of causal branches. Though this still follows a causal line of thought, it also doesn't in a sense that it questions the fundamental premise of causal school of belief i.e., that one can trace the root causeSo, is non-causality a thing?. In a world where retrospective causal manipulation is allowed, it should also be noted that the uncertainty is obvious even when tracing the same route as the that route when travelled again can lead to a different situtation, while an entirely different causal branch can lead to the exact same position one is in right now even without the apparent lessons.

Note: This is to say that hindsight causal thought manipulation should not be solely looked up on as singular branch which when disturbed changes the current outcome, rather as a multi-branched track that can lead to possibilities unknowable i.e., my guess is that by adopting this one can re-write the (un)wrongs without really succumbing to dichotomous lens of utopian/distopian future.