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Forced connection can break the rhythm of a note

Based on the memex culture, I tried to tightly couple my notes by forcibly connecting the vaguely related notes in the body of the caller note and vice-versa, but after some introspection I have found that the original note/the caller note loses its ability to stand on its own when trying to add a forced vertex in an organically emerging graph of notes.


Fig.1. Without forced connection

Fig.2. With forced connection

See how trying to connect the note on humility is making the note on comparison less cohesive and cogent. The initial attempt to connect the note on humility to the note on comparison was based on the tagging system, that is, both of them have a tag called "virtue" attached to them, but when created in a non-atomic way it hinders with the overall theme of a note.

A good solution to this can be tag-based related notes, along with link-based related notes(which can be seen here: Reading with fractalized mental pattern).