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False dichotomies can always be solved with axioms

Münchhausen trilemmaThe idea that a question can only be answered in one of the three ways:
1. Circular Argument
2. Infinite Regression
3. Axiomatic Argument.
addresses most of our problems: If a dichotomy is a a byproduct of the first lemma i.e., the circular argument. The solution can always be arrived upon through axiomatizing one of the propositions and the deriving the second from first. This no way implies that that the axioms is true.

I explore this here: Action cures fear v I fear action - A false dichotomy?Action cures fear v I fear action - A false dichotomy?
I have been thinking about this for almost a month now, and I am still not sure if this is even a legitimate comparison. In fact, on one level this may seem like a paradoxical statement, a deadlock of sorts given the circular nature of the argument, but on the other, it feels like there is a clear reason for choosing one over the other. Let me explain.

Truth and the trilemma

In epistemology, there is an idea/thought experiment called the Münchhausen trilemma, which says there are only three...
in some detail.