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Extending concepts can lead to compenetration

We build new ideas and concepts by riding on the foundational freeway of existing concepts, by extending them. But the biggest problem with the idea of extension is we don't yet know if it is extensible. And when many people try to get on the bandwagon and try to extend it in their own way without considering the dynamics of other extension w.r.t to their own extension, it can lead to compenetrationFlashcard
Compenetration: Two or more extensions occupying the same space, which is an impossible event in scholastic philosophy
. Something as simple as Enumeration can eliminate the issue of compenetrationEnumeration can eliminate the issue of compenetration
[[Extending concepts can lead to compenetration]], but something as simple as enumerating through all the existing extensions can give you the list of problems with your extension in most cases. But like all tools even [[Enumeration has flaws]].
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