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Raghuveer S
Portrait from LinkedIn, 2020

Born 7, மார்கழி, பவ
Chennai, India
Lives Bangalore, India
Alma mater Vishweshwaraya Technical University
Main Interests System Programming, Computer Graphics, Algebraic Geometry
Favorite Languages C++, Rust, Lisp
CS Infl John McCarthy
Ph Infl Bertrand Russell

Raghuveer S(a.k.a Raghu; /rəˈgu:/; tamil: ரகுவீர்) — a software engineer, with an expertise in Systems Programming; and a dilettante in the realm of Computer Graphics and Compiler Design.

I am also an avid reader, with a special inclination towards Philosophy. Some of my favorite philosophers/philosophical authors include Russell, Wittgenstein, Aristotle, Descarte, Kant, (embarrasingly so Heidegger), Borges, Montaigne, Taleb, Aurelius, and Seneca

My area of interests include Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Mathematics, and Philosophy; and I take special interest in learning things that weren't part of my school/college curiculum. For all I know, it might be because of my educational experience, given that most of my formative years were spent mistaking authority for correctness.

I also like to write a lot, mainly about things that interests me. Some of my writings are published in this blog and the other chunk(also the major chunk of my writing) remains unpublished. To see my personal repository of writing, you can reach out to me directly at raghu@raghuveer.net.

Apart from reading and writing, I like to spend my spare time tinkering with small coding projects, which is hosted here: GitHub. You can reach out to me via twitter or via mail, for what it's worth, I see and reply to each and every mail and dm I get.

Btw I now live in Bangalore, so If you happen to be in Bangalore by chance and want to chat, drop an email(raghu@raghuveer.net) and include [Coffee] in the subject line, and we can work something out.

If you like anything about who I am or what I do, please do follow me or reach out to me. Don’t hesitate. Here are some not-so-awkward ways to reach out:

About the website

This website is a private blog, which was designed with privacy and user autonomy in mind. The site does not set any tracking information such as cookies, ip address, etc; or do analytics of any kind. In order to ensure the highest level of privacy, I have tried to refrain from using external resources such as fonts, CSS, etc as much as possible with the only exception of katex for mathematical equations. Also, to avoid any third party tracking, I have tried my level best to avoid all external widgets such as third party commenting systems, social media sharing systems, advertisement services etc. But owing to the very format of the website (i.e., blog), I am obligated to add links to the websites of third parties("external links") for attribution and reference purposes, which might potentially put the reader's privacy at jeopardy. This is to say that the contents of these external websites are not under my control, so I cannot assume any liability for such external content. Operators of the linked websites shall always be liable for their content, accuracy of the information provided, and other privacy-related aspects.


Q. What is this focus on privacy thing all about?

A. To be honest, I just didn't like the fact that I would be writing/updating my content based on how my users behave as opposed to what I really (was interested) believed in. And as for the issue of using external widgeting systems such commenting services, it just didn't feel right to give my users data to some random company that I have no trust in or know anything about.

Q. Interesting, but what is the deal with not using fonts and css?

A. As I said earlier, I am not a fan of using third party services unless it is absolutely inevitable, or is of significant value to the readers. That said, I also don't trust these third-parties enough to subject my users to their possibly selfish experiments.

Q. Cool, but what about the positive benefits of using things like cookies such as being able to theme your website? Dark Mode? Ever heard of it?

A. Yeah, I like minimalism and I like dark text on light background. And also see Dark mode adoption might be a function of cognitive exhaustion and The website overhaul for more on this.

Q. Is there any other reason behind all this? GDPR?

A. There is no other reason besides the fact that it felt creepy. It just didn't feel right to me to sneak up on my readers and manipulate them for the momentary kick of having captured their attention for couple more minutes than usual. And given the fact that I do not intend to monetize this website, I have no motivation to subject my users to the tyranny of redundant and mindless content that I myself do not believe in.

And no, I didn't do it for GDPR, but I am fine with the fact that it handles that too.

Q. Now that you don't have a commenting system or a social media presence, how do you plan to interact with your users?

A. I am hoping that people who enjoy my content will reach out to me anyway, either via email or in real life.

Q. Can you give a small summary of the essential elements of this website?

A. Sure, here you go:

  • Domain is registered with Google Domains
  • The site lives on Github and is served using Netlify
  • This website is statically generated using Jekyll from a set of Markdown files.
  • Font used is Times

Before the redesign, the website use to have everything from cookies to theming to commenting to analytics, which can be seen here:

Previous iterations of the website: Jan-22-2020, Apr-13-2020, Apr-20-2020